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Get Blockbuster Deals at Buckler While They Last

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Yesterday evening we went to Buckler's crisp, subterranean MePa flagship for what we thought would be a genteel cocktail kick-off for their seasonal sample sale. We got some really unbelievable deals (80% or more off) and a frosty Yuengling—but there must've been a gentility check at the door. Ten minutes into the event, the space was a mob scene of hysterical hording, unabashed nudity, and odd elbow jabbing. Man, people like them some Buckler!

It was fairly warranted though: A whole auxiliary nook at the rear of the space was devoted to the sale. In the center of the room were the $15 bargain boxes. At first glance, they seemed dominated mainly by slim cotton tees printed with insects, chain link fencing, bones, and water droplets. At $15, these were a bargain; but look closer. There were woven shirts, and polos, and even jeans floating around in there. Now, Buckler jeans retail for over $200, so even the ones hanging on the $50 rack were a steal. But there were a lot in there for only $15, and there was a variety of sizing.

Around the wonderboxes were racks hanging with $25 shirting and waistcoats; $50 bottoms and light outerwear; $75 tailored pieces and jackets; bins of $50 denim; and additional boxes filled with $15 and $25 pairs of pointy oxfords and Chelsea boots, some accented with hints of leopard or electric blue.

So, yeah, the check-out line was two dozen deep by 6:30pm and people were buying stacks of merchandise. If you're in the market for Buckler's Williamsburg via London via Meatpacking signature slouchwear and desirable denim, get there soon. The sale runs through Sunday; the bar was only open through last night.
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