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Terry Richardson Is Shooting on the Bowery Right This Minute

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Controversial, mustachioed fashion photographer Terry Richardson has been camped out on in front of Hecho en Dumbo at Bowery and Great Jones Street for the past several hours doing a photo shoot for Japanese Vogue. He's got a trailer parked on the street next to a tent stuffed with clothes. Some pouty-lipped models are hanging around smoking cigarettes and looking bored.

A friend of Racked spotted Richardson himself eating cookies in the crafts services tent around 2:15pm, but when we swung by a few minutes ago he was gone. Oddly, though, there was a guy dressed exactly like him—skeevy facial hair, 70s glasses—sitting in front of the trailer. We're going to assume he's a decoy for when the picketers arrive.
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Hecho en Dumbo

354 Bowery, New York, NY