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Hipsterdom Camps Out on Howard for Opening Ceremony Sale

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It's a sale-packed day here at Racked, and now Racked's Izzy Grinspan is off to Soho for the start of the up-to-90%-off Opening Ceremony sale, which runs until Sunday at 7pm. Stick around for what are sure to be hipsterrific good times...

11:50am: Although the shoppers at the Christian Louboutin sale definitely deserve the insane line wait award, the people at the front of the Opening Ceremony line say that they have been sticking this out for at least one hour already.

11:55am: Just outside of the subway, a well-dressed girl asked us how to find Opening Ceremony. We walked over together, but upon seeing the block-long line, she turned tail and headed out.

12:00pm: In the last ten minutes since we've arrived, another 20 people have joined up.

12:03pm: Yet more line waiters are giving up. Those who sacrificing their lunch hours are really working for that 90% discount.

12:15pm: Passersby keep asking why we're all waiting in line. Most have blank looks when they hear "Opening Ceremony," but a British woman in Ray-Bans nodded and replied "very cool." This feels exactly like waiting to get into a concert.

12:20pm: We're standing next to E. Vogel, a very classy shoe repair shop. Guys in line ahead of us just popped in to check it out and returned, whistling "$1,300!"

12:24pm: One of the men seems to have gone into E. Vogel and purchased shoe repair serum in a very small bottle. He's oiling up his motorcycle boots?totally multi-tasking!

12:25pm: A few women in front of us are loudly mocking someone for thinking that Marcel Duchamp is a postmodern artist.

12:27pm: A pair of Acne Atacoma wedges just walked past. Louboutin fans are not the only ones wearing heels to wait in long sale lines, apparently. Similarly, this line is like an ad for Opening Ceremony.

12:29pm: There are probably 75 people in behind us now. A mailman coming through yells, "watch your back!" He clearly hates us.

12:32pm: Aww! A skinny black-clad hipster in sunglasses just helped a lady carry her stroller down the stairs of a deli next to the line. So polite!

12:34pm: The Shoeshine Boys are now asking the Duchamp Girls what they think of one guy's labret piercing.

12:37pm: We've made it to the corner of Crosby and Howard at last, and we're hoping to be inside within twenty minutes, assuming the line doesn't have any hiccups.

12:38pm: It is surprisingly cold in the shade. Learn from this girl who just showed up wearing a striking black dress with gold epaulets?you may look cute, but you also look like you're freezing.

12:42pm: A woman on a scooter just pulled up to the line to ask how long we've been waiting. Another is grilling line-waiters: "What's in there? Bags? Clothes? Shoes? How much!?"

12:50pm: We took a quick walk to check on line length while someone saved our spot, and we're seeing that the line now goes all the way to Lafayette. Bring a granola bar!

12:59pm: We're almost inside?see that was about 20 minutes from when we said?and it's mayhem inside.

1:10pm: We're in! It seems like the first thing everyone is doing is stripping. Half-naked hipsters, ahoy!

Step this way for the full report from inside the sale.

Opening Ceremony

35 Howard Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 219-2688 Visit Website

Acne Studios

33 Greene Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 334-8345 Visit Website

Opening Ceremony

33 Howard Street, New York, NY