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Inside the Oddly Anticlimactic Christian Louboutin Sale

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We're not sure exactly what we were expecting upstairs at the Christian Louboutin sale. But after a strict RSVP policy and an epic three-hour line, we were envisioning champagne cocktails or at least one cat fight. Guess all the action was outside because it was relatively calm and orderly upstairs.

After bag check at the entrance, shoppers passed through and completely ignored the front room of bags, espadrilles and exotic skin shoes (more on the last two in a bit) as they hightailed it to the motherload of shoes. We had to be careful with photographs, so excuse the blurry pictures.

The stock is arranged in boxes by sizes, 34.5 through 42. The prices are still the same as yesterday, designated by color and ranging from $125 to $400+. Tipsters are correct in saying that the majority of the shoes left are either $250 or $325.

There were very few yellow ($125) or green ($225) dots in sight and if they were, the shoes were a non-versatile colored satin or suede heel. One enterprising shopper had the right idea though, purchasing a pair of $125 faded chartreuse suede pumps with the intention of dying them black.

The selection is a mish-mash of seasons, as we spotted past season Scarpe platform slingbacks for $325 and the Dolly Forever fringed thigh high boots worn by the Louboutin Barbie for $500. Yesterday's crowds also did a number on some of the sizes. A scan of the shelves revealed that sizes 36.5 to 38.5 are limited, but that didn't stop the small crowd of hungry shoppers from trying on multiple shoes at a time.

Heading back to the ignored front room, the espadrilles are definitely worth a look, but really only if you're a size 35, 36 or 40 and up. Pricing runs $125 for all canvas and flat shoes and $225 to $250 for leather numbers.

The exotic skin heels are displayed on a higher, slightly out of reach shelf, which is pretty much a metaphor for attaining them, even at sale price. Prices run from $250 to $1250 and shoppers will have to ask a staffer to bring over their size. We'll have nice dreams about the gray python lace up heels which run for $450 a pair.

All shoes are still in their corresponding boxes, but unless you have x-ray vision or have memorized the name of every single shoe (which many shoppers have), you'll be pawing through each box. Thankfully, staffers are on hand to quickly reorganize after the pillaging.

Such crowd control allows for decent space to try shoes, too. There is a couch area in the back to sit, but while we were there, the two remaining Misread My Confirmation Girls had taken over the space with their loot. If you are going later, note that only credit cards are accepted. As we left the building and attempted to restore our heart to its normal beat rate, we noticed that although there was still a line outside, it had happily shortened.
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