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Party Monster Michael Alig Thinks the Limelight Is Cursed

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The maybe-cursed building's grand opening via Limelight/Facebook
The maybe-cursed building's grand opening via Limelight/Facebook

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Nightlife reporter Steve Lewis talked to infamous former club kid Michael Alig, now serving time upstate for murdering his drug dealer, about how his old stomping grounds have been re-imagined as the Limelight Marketplace. Alig is predictably creepy:

I mean, I suppose the conversion of one of the city’s most notorious and decadent nightspots into a Wal-Mart is a fairly accurate, if depressing sign of the times. It was bound to happen sooner or later, but I don’t think it has much hope to survive as the building itself is cursed. What else would you expect from a space with the spookily ominous address of 66 6th Avenue?
Weirdly—or maybe not weirdly, since the man's been in jail for the past decade—he's got the details a bit muddled. The actual address was 666 Sixth Avenue, and the current Marketplace lists the far-less Satanic 656 Avenue of the Americas as its current home.
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Limelight Marketplace

656 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY