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Required Shopping: Gant's Sale For Spring Basics, Great Prices

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The weather today is, for lack of a better word, gross. But it's all pink-and-green-striped Easter and Key West sunshine inside Gant's fancy midtown showroom—the scene of their semi-annual sample sale. The sale just opened this morning—after a friends and family preview yesterday—and it is absolutely worth a stop. There are what seems like acres of Gant's classic preppery at very friendly prices (think $29 dress shirts). Said acres are comprised of true samples rather than overstock. But, not to worry, it's Gant! Sample sizes are mediums and larges!

Check the gallery for a full price list, but long-sleeved dress shirts, blouses and sweatshirts are a mere $29. Short-sleeved versions are $25, polos are $19, and cashmere sweaters are only $45. Aside from leather outerwear ($195), no single piece is priced above $95. With prices like that you can imagine that early bird sample shoppers and brand devotees (not to mention those lucky friends and family) have been stocking up. The Rugger collection is already practically wiped out; but there is a lot of great stuff left, so don't let that Rugger deficit sway you.

The main space—divided in half with mediums on one side and larges on the other—is devoted to menswear. A wide variety of blazers ranging from navy twill to sort-of-safari goldenrod canvas share space with dressier jackets in seersucker, coral, and a series of candy stripes. Above them are shelves of knitwear—paper thin pastel cardigans, pique polos spangled in stars or Hawaiian flora, denim-collared rugby shirts, and gauzy pin-striped henleys. On one end find shirting—true dress shirts and oxfords as well as jersey-collared ginghams, summery buffalos, and lots and lots of stripes. The opposite is home to tons of layering jersey and a truly vast selection of swimwear. And don't forget bottoms: they're centrally located on long tables. Find hard denim, slouchy turquoise chinos, natural canvas dungarees, and patchwork seersucker pants. Basically, it's an Americana/summer prep explosion.

Womanswear is also abundant: shirt-dresses, plaid pique shifts, smart little blazers with jaunty geometric linings, liberty floral blouses, slouchy tees in summer primaries, striped slacks, an absolutely perfect navy hoodie printed in little white anchors.

Outside each "department" are racks of outerwear—purple plaid barracudas, white grosgrain-trimmed dinner jackets, raincoats, the odd leather piece; along with a smattering of totally Gant ties, sherbet-colored baseball caps, wallets, and American flag pens.

By the way, it's on the 11th floor; credit cards are accepted; the staff is extremely accommodating; and there are dressing rooms. You have until Friday.
· Dealfeed: Gant [Racked NY]

Gant Sample Sale

20 W. 55th St., New York, NY