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More Rebecca Minkoff Than Ever Before at Her 5th Ave Sale

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Well, it looks like Rebecca Minkoff has finally figured out how to throw a non-chaotic sample sale. In their large sale space on Fifth Avenue by 21st Street, the tables are piled with more selection than we've ever seen and the line to pay wraps around, but there is still room to maneuver.

Our only complaint? That there's not one, simply-organized price list for reference. Pictures of the bags with their style names and sale prices are taped to the tabletops, and often they are missing or other bags you want are mixed up in piles, and you have to track down the table where it belong to figure out the price.

While considering a MAB hobo for $303 and a sample pencil case for $5, we jotted down as many prices as we could before it simply got overwhelming; there are so many styles available, and the bags are all over the place, that it's best to go investigate if you're serious about buying.

· Mini MAB $182
· MAC Clutch $182
· 2-Zip Clutch $162
· Flowerstud Satchel: $327
· Stud Devotte: $382
· Stud Nikki: $358
· Stud Roadie: $316
· Linear Stud Darling: $327
· Lovespell Roadie: $316
· Nikki: $327
· Linear Stud Nikki: $358
· Stud MAB Mini: $349
· Flowerstud Nikki: $344
· Stud C'Ya Later: $303
· Stud MAB: $377
· MAB: $303
· MAB Hobo: $303
· Lovespell: $162
· BF Pouch: $83
· Elisha: $327
· Straw Belle: $184
· Infatuation straw: $135
· Small Zip Wallet: $69
· Large Zip Wallet: $83
· Loop & Stud Bracelet: $26
· Loop Bracelet: $26
· Double Zip Bracelet: $32
· Flowerstud Bracelet: 37
· Sample small accessories in a box towards the back: $5

If you compare these with the last epic Minkoff sample sale prices of November, you'll be happy to hear that are actually cheaper! Averaging about $30 less than last season's sale prices, this sale should open wallets for everyone from diehards at The Purse Forum to new customers.
· Rebecca Minkoff Dealfeed [Racked NY]

155 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY