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Tibi Chaos; Nordstrom Rack's Rebecca Minkoff Prices Beat the Sale

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GARMENT DISTRICT—We keep hearing two things about the Tibi sale, which opened today and runs through Saturday: The shopping is good, and the room is teeny. Reports a tipster, "I got there a bit before it opened at one, walked right in, it was busy but civilized. Then at 1:15 it became mayhem...pushing shoving hoarding combined with a space that is beyond too small for the amount if shoppers and merchandise. The employees are super friendly and helpful though...the prices are not a steal but decent and if you're a size 4 you're in luck!" [Racked Inbox; Dealfeed]

UNION SQUARE—Nordstrom Rack strikes again! As a number of readers have pointed out, some of the bags available at the Rebecca Minkoff sale are currently hanging in the accessories section of the brand-new off-price store—for some $75 to $100 less than what the sample sale is charging. [Racked Comments; Previously]

Tibi Sale

409 W. 39th Street, New York, NY