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Jill Zarin in the Limelight

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Real Housewife Jill "All About Me" Zarin was spotted at the Limelight Marketplace opening reception not shopping, but demanding and freeloading swag. Witnesses report that she exercised no discrimination on freebies asking for complimentary chocolates, baked goods, t-shirts, brownies and, of course, dog biscuits (most likely for her incontinent tormented dog, Ginger). A boutique owner complains to the New York Post, "It's not like she can't afford to buy these things. She had such a sense of entitlement, as if to say, 'You need to give me things for free because I'm Jill Zarin.'" This news doesn't come as a complete surprise. Remember that Real Housewives episode when Ramona "TMI" Singer gossiped that Jill had been blacklisted from Saks Fifth Avenue for buying and then returning worn clothing one too many times? Tsk, tsk, Jill. [NYP]