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DSW Welcomes Nordstrom Rack with Three-Day Shoe Giveaway

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Nordstrom Rack doesn't have any freebies or other festivities planned for its opening day, but that doesn't mean Union Square is devoid of goodies today. In a suspiciously-timed promotion, DSW has decided to give away a pair of shoes every half hour that the store is open, starting this morning and running through Thursday.

At yesterday's Nordstrom Rack preview, company president Blake Nordstrom and Rack head Geevy Thomas said they weren't afraid of a little competition—when businesses compete, customers win. If today is any indication, customers might start winning a lot now that Union Square is a de facto discount district. Here's how to make 14th Street's brand new rivalry work for you: Stop by DSW any time during the day, pick a number, and start shopping for your prize. Every half hour, they'll read a new winning number out loud. If you win, you get to pick any pair of shoes in the store—no price is too high. You do have to be physically present to win, but there are worse hardships that having to kill half an hour in DSW.
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