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Calling All Fredheads: The Can't-Miss Fred Perry Sample Sale Is Here

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Once again, the twice-annual Fred Perry sample sale is an absolute must for even vaguely sample-sized fans of the label. The assortment is almost daunting; the prices are 60% or more off retail; and when a sale runs a full seven days, you can only assume there is plenty of stock to go around.

We trekked to the far west side yesterday evening, the end of the first day of the sale (it runs through the weekend), and the space was still chock full of the things that generally seem to disappear first: bags, shoes, and much-coveted, brand new label collaborations with Liberty, Raf Simons, and Stussy. Our only complaint? Prices seemed to have inched up slightly over previous sales. But increases are negligible and can probably be blamed on the label's ever-growing popularity and equally slightly increasing prices at retail. And anyway, polos are still like $40!

First, you should know that there are about 50 pairs of absolutely current Linda Farrow sunglasses waiting by the entrance. The frames—which retail for $300 to $400—are priced at $80 and include red-striped plastic aviators by Raf Simons and cobalt blue schoolboys from Tim Hamilton. While we're on accessories, check an assortment of $20 goodies including plaid baseball caps, laurel-embroidered skinny ties, and screen-printed leatherette wallets. There is also an abundance of bags: Small vinyl messengers are $37, tonal overnighters are $87, and a series of smart black leather handbags are $130. And, oh my lord, there are seven million pairs of sample-sized shoes. If you're a lady with a size 6 or 7 foot, or a guy with a size 7 or 8, please allow us to live vicariously through you by purchasing several pairs of canvas sneakers and slip-ons. They start at a mere $32 while some surprisingly grown-up leather cap toes and Common Projects-wannabes are priced starting at $70.

Well, now that that's out of the way: The clothes! Men: Polos start at $37 with special edition jobs priced around $60. Most just made it into stores in the last month or two, including a plaid photo-print number and a series with geometric '80s prints. Shirting is equally impressive: A series of standard Fred Perry ginghams is rounded out by rugby striping, mixed plaid patchwork, and polka dots. They run from $49 to $89. Tees—logos, stripes and screened-on pin dots—are $20, while track jackets and hoodies start at $39. In addition to the classics, look for maroon paisley and monster polka dots in purple. Pants come in around $90; shorts are $41; trunks are only $26—look for plaids and lots of almost neon summer color. Next door are sweaters—v-necks and cardigans start at only $85.

Ladies: Your polos also start at just under $40 and run the gamut from basic solids to liberty floral. Basic hoodies and track jackets are similarly priced while light outerwear runs from $40 to $80. We spotted basic barracudas in gingham as well as high-collared seersucker blazers. Wool winter coats—which you're probably not shopping for right now—start at $180. Plaid-skanking pants, polo shirt dresses and Fred Perry's unique take on the blouse (think high collars, sheer sleeves, maybe a ruffle) round out the assortment and most clock in at under $100.

Collaboration Station: Lots and lots of Raf. Look for mesh, lots of hot orange, and polos in the $74 to $124 range. Liberty is also represented with flowery cabana shirts at $98 and floral (or floral-trimmed) polos at $69. Finally, Stussy's efforts included screened gradient plaid polos.

Running through Sunday, the sale is on the building's third floor. Prices are clearly marked and transactions are cash only. And this is a true sample sale—there is basically one of each piece and it's on the small/medium side.
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Fred Perry Sample Sale

547 W. 27th Street, New York, NY