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Diesel Wants to Reward World's Stupidest Person with an iPad

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Image via VNY

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You know the cult movie Idiocracy? Underpromoted Mike Judge comedy in which Luke Wilson accidentally gets frozen for 500 years and wakes up in a future so dumbed-down that Starbucks offers handjobs and future attorneys train at Costco Law School? Well, Jeremiah of Vanishing New York went to the Diesel store to examine the "Be Stupid" ad campaign up close, and now he's pretty sure we're living in that movie. On Diesel's "Faces of Stupid" contest, he writes:

To enter, you go to a Diesel store, get a "Be Stupid" sticker, stick it on your forehead, take a picture of yourself with the sticker on your face, and send it in with a story about the stupidest thing you've ever done. If you are the stupidest person ever, you win.
The thing is, he's not joking. That is literally how you win the contest. Right now the best-ranked entry comes from the guy who tried a Tarzan-style rope swing through a gym full of high-ranked female gymnasts and wound up smashing crotch-first into the side of a door.
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