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Your Updated Guide to the Christian Louboutin Sample Sale

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Image via valeyoshino/Flickr

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The Christian Louboutin sample sale has always flown far below the radar, and it sounds like the organizers want to keep it that way. At the end of last week, word spread on Twitter that the sale would take place this Wednesday and Thursday, but now Madison Avenue Spy reports that according to the the official invitation, the sale is one day—Wednesday—and press-only. Mysteriously, we've got a separate source who confirmed the original two-day plan, making us wonder if Louboutin sent out different information to different people.

We definitely don't want you to take Thursday off and rush to a random 14th-floor space in the Garment District only to find that there's nothing there, so for now, we'll second MadSpy's prudent suggestion that anyone who wants Loubs should plan to visit the sale Wednesday afternoon. If this year's sale is anything like the last one, they'll start letting in non-press people after lunch. Plan to wait at least two hours, and don't expect any amenities—this is an old-school sample sale. Do, however, expect bargains: Most of the merchandise last time was around $250, with some heels as low as $100.

You might recall that back when the Manolo Blahnik sale started getting listed all over the blogs, we were worried that the organizers might move the event or cancel it entirely. Instead, they embraced the publicity, even inviting André Leon Tally to act as a celebrity host for the most recent sale. Of course, everyone hopes the Louboutin sale organizers will react the same way, but who knows? They might be thrilled to shed the excess inventory; they might also be frustrated to see the plebes invading what's supposed to be an exclusive perk for fashion insiders. How they feel, of course, probably determines whether this mythic public day actually exists, making the answer to these questions interesting in terms of both How We Shop Now and How You Should Spend Your Thursday. Check back as the week progresses—we'll be working to pin down the details.
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