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At Long Last, Crocs Flagship Finally Debuts in Soho

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The Crocs flagship opened in Soho this Saturday after years of development—and just in time, since we were starting to run out of Croslite jokes. When we wandered into the newly-renovated 192-year-old building around 3pm, the store was flooded with brilliant sunlight and already somewhat crowded.

The redesign is certainly nice, but it's hard to focus on anything in the store other than the dazzling sea of Crocs stretching out in all directions. They've got Crocs in all shapes and sizes, Crocs in every color of the rainbow, Crocs so patently un-Croc-like that we could almost (almost!) see New Yorkers wearing them. Nothing about the space conveys the feeling that you're walking around a venerable building under wooden beams made of ancient seafaring vessels, but who needs historical context when you've got thousands of plastic shoes?
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Crocs Store

143 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY