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The Snooki Pouf Effect

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Could Snooki truly be an arbiter of hair styles reaching the runways and the world political stage? The New York Times thinks so—attributing the "return" of big hair to the Snookers pouf, plus placing Snooki and the United States Secretary of State not just in the same article, but also in the same sentence. The Times even quotes Jerz salon empire owner Eric Alt, whose clientele includes "luminaries like Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey." (The thesaurus was really working on overtime for that one). To drive the point home, the Times put together a slide show of big hair looks from Hilary Clinton, the Paris 2010 runways and Blair Waldorf. Thing is, the pic of Blair is from Lily and Bart's wedding from the May 2008 season one finale, way before the Jersey Shore entered our lives. Don't try and fool us, NY Times—we'd recognize that rosette headband and floral dress ensemble anywhere. [NYT]