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Terry Richardson, Sex Addict?

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The Journal interviewed photographer Terry Richardson, who has recently been accused of taking advantage of models on set. The Q&A isn't online, but the Cut transcribes the best parts, including this nugget: "I don't think I started having sex until I quit drinking, because when I was drinking and taking drugs, I preferred getting loaded to having sex. I was a late bloomer, because once I got sober I was like, 'Wow, sex is awesome, this is crazy,' and then it became like a drug. You become addicted, like a sex addict or whatever, and I did all of these photographs because it was new for me. I've grown out of that phase, which was coming out of working through live and just tripping out." So is he a sex addict? "No, I don't identify myself that way." Ah, OK then. For the record, the interview also reveals that Richardson has a surprisingly hard time getting male models to "show their junk." [The Cut]