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Times Square M.A.C to be Followed Shortly by Forever 21

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With the M.A.C. flagship opening in a week, we figured we should check in on Times Square's monster retail block, where M.A.C. will ultimately sit next to Forever 21, the Disney Store, and Swarovski. The plywood in front of M.A.C. is down, revealing some chic black glass and men on ladders working away. From what we could see, the store seemed empty, so there's still some work to be done.

The Forever 21 plywood hasn't changed. Our guess: It will open sometime in the summer, when the hoards of tourists can milk the block between 45th and 46th Streets on Seventh Avenue for all it's worth. At least the strip will get a little breather before the Disney store adds to the chaos—it's not opening until fall 2010. And when that day does come, god help the New Yorkers walking through Times Square.—Lauren Frankfort
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46th Street and Broadway, New York, NY