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Help Solve This Fashion Mystery; Kiosk's Iceland Vacation

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Left, the designer's label; right, an example of the embroidery on the shirt
Left, the designer's label; right, an example of the embroidery on the shirt

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SOHO—"Hello Racked, you fabulous thing," writes a reader who really knows how to get our attention. "A fashion mystery question: My favorite customy/cool embroidered t-shirt was purchased at Stackhouse on Lafayette (remember them?). Saw the designer's stuff a few years ago at another now-gone store across the street, but alas, Googling has turned up nothing. Any clues, oh fashion oracle?" We're stumped, so we're throwing it over to you, O wise readers. Does this label seem familiar? [Racked Inbox]

SOHO—Kiosk, the arty Spring Street store/gallery with rotating exhibits of merchandise from other countries, just got back from a trip up north. They explain: "Iceland needs some help right now so we went. We went to Iceland and possibly we should have never come back. It's all about volcanos. A current eruption in the south of the country, a paper mache volcano made here at KIOSK for the show, volcano movies being screened and a candy called 'Hraun' or 'Lava'." Next Monday, April 12th, stop by the store from 6pm to 8pm to see what they found in Iceland, volcanic and otherwise. [Racked Inbox]

Stackhouse (R.I.P.)

276 Lafayette Street, New York, NY