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The Beefcake is Back at Hollister Soho

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Only four days ago we asked the Hollister store in Soho the all-important springtime question: "Where's the beefcake?" And last night, with temperatures in the low 70s, they finally answered us by sending their door boys out shirtless, once again baring the rippling abs and perky pecs we've come to know and love.

They're our new barometer; one of the guys was even developing a mild sunburn, so surely it's okay to begin wearing shorts?

If you want to stop by and ogle while there's still fresh meat, be warned that Hollister now has stanchions up for lines outside the store and the sidewalk at that corner is busy enough without the help of Hollister.

Even though we couldn't get a clear picture of the line, here you can see the door boys directing traffic to the side, where there is already a line guarded by the man in the blue polo shirt and jeans. It looks to be a 10-minute wait already this early in the season; prepare yourself accordingly.
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600 Broadway, New York, NY