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Ralph Lauren's New Soho Space Has Quite a Pedigree

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Inside 109 Prince via <a href=";utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TheShophound+%28The+Shoph
Inside 109 Prince via

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The Shophound looks into the history of 109 Prince Street, site of Polo Ralph Lauren's latest foray into Soho. The 128-year-old building was fully restored in 1993 and declared a landmark the following year, right around the time it was taken over by Italian sportswear brand Replay, which only vacated this winter. Its landmark status is proclaimed in a plaque that calls it "one of the most striking gems of 19th century cast iron architecture in the world." (Well done, Ralph!) There's still no word as to which Polo Ralph Lauren brand will move in, but the Shophound thinks whatever does wind up in the space will be a "Major Brand Statement."

Image via the Shophound

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Polo Ralph Lauren

109 Prince Street, New York, NY