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FAO Schwartz's Door Soldier Emerges From His Winter Slumber

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Look who we found! No, it's not a rejected candidate for Street Scenes or a dejected old man playing dress up (maybe it is); it's the FAO Schwartz greeter. Back in the days when FAO Schwartz was in the black and had more than one store in the country, they would station these soldier-ish greeters out front to hold the doors and take photos with the kids.

Now that we're in tougher times, the FAO Schwartz man is only to be seen during the high tourist holidays and days with excellent weather, and since we went double-duty on both those things this past weekend, the man has emerged from hibernation (with the exception of pre-Christmas days). Let it be noted that he was giving larger smiles to people who actually had kids with them.
· Michelle Obama and kids go to FAO Schwartz [NY Post]

FAO Schwartz

767 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY