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Fourteen Luxury Shop Break-Ins Tied to Same Burglar

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Since last August, Manhattan has been terrorized by a robber helping himself to discounts on luxury good with the help of a crowbar. (Full disclosure: We're quoted in the New York Times article. Our mom is very excited.) The burglar busted into the Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories store, site of New York's most inexplicable line. He and a buddy were caught on camera stealing 130 pairs of jeans and three leather jackets from Jean Shop on West Broadway. He tried, but failed, to get past the heavy glass door at West Broadway's Dolce & Gabbana. He's one of the "ninjas" behind the recent Pucci burglary. And he seems to be a Project Runway fan, since he's stolen gold leather bags from Soho's Michael Kors store not once, not twice, but three times.

According to police, DNA from Mark Perkins (at right) was found at one of the stores, making him a suspect. We're tempted to ask what you think of his houndstooth sweatshirt, but that might be bad idea—last we heard, he was still at large.
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