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Reverend Billy Arrested for Protesting Chase with Dirt, Songs, Hexes

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March's dirt dump via <a href="">Rev Billy</a>
March's dirt dump via Rev Billy

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Remember a few weeks ago when Reverend Billy and his troop of anti-consumerism activists dumped a pile of dirt in a Chase on Second Avenue? The soil was imported directly from Coal Mountain, one of the West Virginia peaks that the good Reverend (also known as Billy Talen) says are being destroyed by Chase-sponsored mining.

Well, yesterday the Talen and his followers did it again, only this time, they also placed a "holy hex" on the bank, "performed a 'mystery channeling of money'" and sang "Chase, Bring Us Back the Mountains" to the tune of "Go Tell It On the Mountain." Also, this time the cops arrested Talen after he refused to sweep up his dirt pile. Talen's wife is expecting a child any minute, so his followers worried that he'd miss the birth, but officers at the 9th Precinct told Courthouse News that he'd been released, although they refused to comment on charges.
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