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Just Belt It: Custom Belts at Badichi in Soho

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Belts are back in a big way, people: J.Crew is telling guys to tuck their shirts into their pants and let those belts shine. Girls aren't even wearing pants but need to prove their waists exist when full outfits are comprised exclusively of tights and giant tee shirts six days a week. Plus: Michelle Obama. Long story short, you need some hot belts. Create the (perfectly fitting) belt of your dreams at Badichi, now open on Prince Street in Soho.

Belts start at a pretty affordable $60 and creep up from there with most options topping out around $100. Choose a genuine leather band in matte black, distressed white, or blue alligator, then pick one of many, many buckles. They range from pretty standard (brass, nickel, high-polish, distressed, large, small) to hand-painted quirky feminine with a bit of Harley Davidson in between. Then, get yourself measured and wait about three minutes for the belt you've been envisioning—the sugar on top of any outfit.

More intricate designs are, of course, more expensive and take a bit longer, but the sky is the limit. See also: Ready-made belts, hand-painted accessories and a wide assortment of store-produced leather cuffs ($30 and up).

In the coming weeks the shop—sun-filled, airy and open three months—will be stocking more color and more suede for spring. We suggested gray and cobalt blue and we'll be checking!
· Badichi [Official Site]


59 Prince Street, New York, NY‎