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German McDonald's Confused About Soho; Christian Siriano Returns

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GERMANY—Eater National reports that German McDonald's is selling cupcakes themed after New York City neighborhoods. Each cupcake has a spokesperson: There's an East Village guy in skinny jeans and a silly hat, for example. But what's the deal with the Soho shopaholic cupcake representative? Why is she wearing bootcut jeans? Maybe the text of the ad will clear things up? We turn to Eater National's interpretation of the German, which they ran through Google Translator: "Sightseeing? Everything here is worth seeing: catch at the Houston Street, and work your way slowly through the south. Or get just a bit of Soho in your home country: After a spree breath through your town a bit and draw the view once again small. At Vanilla cup-cake, perhaps. But only briefly, because he is sooo yummy." Oh. Well, that explains everything. [ENA]

YOUR TV—Tonight at 10pm, Christian Siriano returns to his natural habitat with a hour-hour Bravo special. It's called Having a Moment, so we're expecting a lot of running around and freaking out—all the things that make fashion television great. Check out a preview here. [Bravo]