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$40 Sandals Cause Mass Hysteria at the Matt Bernson Sale

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The Matt Bernson sale opened an hour early this morning, due to insistent shoppers almost banging down the garage door. The near riot-causing sale offers spring sandals for $40 and fall boots and booties for $50. As we entered, women were beating their way through the crowds for the deals.

The sale is organized by sizes ranging from five to ten. Most sandals and flat shoes are found in bins throughout the store. At noon we spotted lots of gold über-strappy and knot embellished Nouer III sandals (originally $169) and Ampari (originally $175) enclosed ankle-strap sandals in gold and black in various sizes.

There are also special stations for the slip-on Love Sandal (originally $125) in black, gold and white and the girly tough KM Gladiator (originally $169) in black and gold. Sadly, the studded Barracuda sandals and Quixote clogs were a rare sight. As for flats, there are a smattering of the squishy Waverley ballet slippers (originally $135) in various colors and sizes and there is also a decent selection of additional flats in suede, leather, bright colors, prints and with clips. We noticed lots of flats in size 7. Size 9 sandals seem to have taken a big hit, so selection is a bit thin.

Tall boots are displayed on the right side of the sale and we spotted studs, snakeskin, low, high, brown, black and grey. The booties are found on the left of the sale with lots of ruched Dakar high heel booties in grey, brown and black, weirdly almost all in 7 1/2. We also saw the sexy buckled Vesper peep-toe bootie (which looks suspiciously like the Zidane bootie by Tashkent, but anyway). For $50, it's all a steal. Also, there are lots of studded cuffs in stock. Small ones are $5, medium $10 and large $15. Shoppers can also find the gold bar clutch on sale for $40 (originally $156).

Definitely remember to check both shoe sizes before purchase as the sizes can get mixed up. Also, hit the ATM before as the sale is cash only, although we saw a staffer hold some shoes for a shopper. They might restock one more time, but pretty much everything is on the floor. The sale is insanely crowded and there is barely any space to try on shoes. Girls were trickling outside for fitting space and air to breathe. As we left, we heard a small child burst into panic-stricken tears as mom was pushing through the crowd. We don't blame the kid, but of course mom kept right on shopping.
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Matt Bernson

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Matt Bernson

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