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Kiehl's Creme de Cookie Tastes Like Body Lotion, In a Good Way

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Kiehl's recently made room for West Village sugar-pusher Milk & Cookies Bakery at the espresso bar in its E. 13th Street store. It makes sense that the two businesses would celebrate their union by teaming up on a product together, but instead of making a cookie-flavored body wash the way a brand like the Body Shop might have done, Kiehl's went in the opposite direction, whipping up a pastry inspired by their best-selling Creme de Corps body lotion.

We know, a lotion-flavored cookie sounds gross, but after much rigorous analysis (and by "analysis" we mean "snacking") we have determined that the Creme de Cookie in fact delicious. It tastes like almonds, vanilla, and citrus fruit, just like the lotion smells, but it doesn't have the slightest hint of soapy aftertaste.
· Milk & Cookies Bakery [Official Site]
· Kiehl's [Official Site]


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