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Short Line, Plenty of iPads at the UWS Apple

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At 9am today, the iPad officially went on sale at Apple stores and Best Buys around the country. Maybe it will revolutionize computing and save the publishing industry; maybe it'll turn out to be an overpriced, oversized iPod Touch. Either way, the first people to know for sure are the folks currently waiting in line outside the stores. Let's check in with them, shall we?

At the Upper West Side Apple Store, the line is surprisingly short, especially considering the craziness in November at the store opening. With the bright sunshine and the anticipation of a shiny new iPad, it seemed like everyone was in fantastic spirits—no poser line-goers, angry line cutting situations, or crazed Law & Order actors to be found.

There are two lines side by side: One for reservations (just check in with the clipboard guy) and one for no-reservations (where we spotted a man reading his Kindle, is that an Apple faux pas?), but both lines are pretty much the same length. They start at 67th Street and only stretch about halfway across. Apple employees are happily handing out Starbucks Coffee, pastries and generous bottles of Vitamin Water. We checked in with the first two line-goers: No-reservations guy arrived at 2am and reservations guy dropped in at 3am. The bulk of the people didn't arrive until 7am, so with about 4 hours of bonding time, the two are probably besties by now. In short, if you want an iPad, an Apple employee says that you're basically "guaranteed" one this morning at the UWS location. Don't be like Modern Family's Claire Dunphy and miss out on this line.
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