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In Soho, Apple Fans Have Been Waiting Since 3pm Yesterday

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At 9am today, the iPad officially went on sale at Apple stores and Best Buys around the country. Maybe it will revolutionize computing and save the publishing industry; maybe it'll turn out to be an overpriced, oversized iPod Touch. Either way, the first people to know for sure are the folks currently waiting in line outside the stores. Let's check in with them, shall we?

At 8:15 this morning, the line outside the Soho Apple Store stretched about two-thirds of the way way up Greene Street. Apple employees in blue shirts kept traffic flowing into two lines, one for people who preregistered and one for those who'd just shown up. The two queues seemed to be roughly the same length, with about 75 people waiting in each. They're letting in ten preregistered people for every one non-registered shopper, so signing up drastically increases your chances of getting an iPad today. The first guy in the non-registered line wasn't taking any chances: He said he'd arrived around 3pm yesterday afternoon.

No sign of free Starbucks or any other perks, but employees thought there might be some giveaways later in the day. The store is giving out bottles of water, though.
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Apple Soho

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