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Epic Lines, Kindle Attacks at Apple Fifth Ave's iPad Launch

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At 9am today, the iPad officially went on sale at Apple stores and Best Buys around the country. Maybe it will revolutionize computing and save the publishing industry; maybe it'll turn out to be an overpriced, oversized iPod Touch. Either way, the first people to know for sure are the folks currently waiting in line outside the stores. Let's check in with them, shall we?

Did you wait in line for the iPhone or a new Apple store opening? If so, you'll recognize the scene gathered for the iPad launch at the Apple Fifth Avenue store this morning, and possibly many of the faces in the line. Although we expected to see chronic first-in-line Greg Packer trot down the glass cube stairs first, it was actually the German we spotted two days ago who had the honor of entering the store first. Where was Greg? We heard whispers that they had already taken him into the store early, but then that's not quite playing fair.

If you want to buy your iPad from the 5th Avenue flagship today, we have good news: the line may have been disturbingly lengthy, but it moved quickly and we don't expect it to bad at all throughout the rest of the day. The first customer to emerge with an iPad happened less than 10 minutes into the release, and the press had a field day. It also didn't help that The Early Show was filming their Easter egg hunt (complete with Amy Grant singing) next to the cube too, so children got their first taste of both TV stardom and Apple fanaticism.

The hysteria at Apple 5th Ave was not greatest inside the store, but rather out on the sidewalk in front, where two guys had an impromptu boxing match, dressed up as the iPad and the Kindle. And while the Kindle made a powerful showing, the iPad of course came in for the knock-out punch.

A warning: While typing this, we were approached by newbie iPad owners desperate to get theirs working. It seems the first thing your iPad will ask you to do is sync with iTunes, so bring your laptop along if you are anxious to unbox and get surfing.
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