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Inside the Manolo Blahnik Sale in Real Time

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We're inside the Manolo Blahnik sale, and since Vogue contributor and America's Next Top Model judge André Leon Talley is here giving out style advice, we're just going to keep on liveblogging. Below, follow tireless Racked reporter Fawnia Soo Hoo as she makes her way through the sale.

9:58am: I'm finally inside. ALT is sitting in the middle of the room dispensing advice. "Serviceable!" he just said.

10:02am: Holy crap, a mirror just fell on a girl. She's OK.

10:04am: It's a little insane in here. I'm seeing a lot of size 36, 36.5, and (surprisingly) 37. The sections for sizes 38, 38.5, and 39 are looking paltry, but there's lots of 40 and up.

10:06am: I see lots of traditional pumps. I think the good stuff has been picked through, though. Not much in the way of boots, booties or skins (though there are some booties in 36.) Basically, the hottest styles are in any size other than 38-38.5. Suede boots, a few skins, suede booties are all in size 40 and 40.5.

10:10am: It sounds like a lot of people are buying for friends and relatives too. Some lady just took off her tights in the corner. WTF?

10:14am: I see some summer shoes in 37: Camel/gold satin strappy stilettos, clear-strap stilettos. And I'm totally digging these black pointy-toe stiletto mesh shooties.

10:18am: OMG, a staffer is yelling out "Did anyone leave a pair of black Cole Haan boots?" Did someone walk out wearing a pair of Manolos and leave her Cole Haans behind?

10:19am: Someone just shouted "$817!"

10:21am: Checkout is very smooth, I think because most women are still trying on shoes. There isn't a "no hoarding" rule and there are drop tables for unwanted shoes, but the tables are empty.

10:23am: OK, I see baby lady in the corner with a pile of about 20 pairs of shoes. WHERE'S THE BABY?

10:27am: The sizes are starting to get mixed up from table to table.

10:29am: Another shopper and I just reached for the same purple snakeskin sandals and the same time, and we both apologized to each other. Such politeness at this sale!

10:30am: Staffers are pleading with shoppers not to hoard. "We think you know what you like. Please don't grab everything."

10:36am: So here's the million dollar question: If you haven't made it to the sale yet, should you stop by? Honestly, we think it'll probably be pretty picked over by lunchtime. Don't bother if you're a 38 or a 38.5—there's nothing left, and they're not restocking.

10:39am: A staffer tells me they'll be here all day and "there will be good stuff left," but I kind of don't believe her. She confirms that everything for sale is out on the tables now.

10:41am: Apparently they'll be assigning letters all day until Z or close, whichever comes first. Happy hunting—I'm calling it a day.

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