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Where's a Good Place to Dye Orange Phillip Lim Dresses Black?

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It's a beautiful day, the stilettos are flowing uptown, and goodwill to humankind is the air, so let's pool our collective knowledge and help out a Racked reader with an unusual dilemma. Here's the deal: She has all these orange Phillip Lim dresses, and she wishes they were black. Details:

I am getting married at the end of this year and I found the most amazing bridesmaid dresses at the Barneys Warehouse sale. They are beautiful Phillip Lim dresses. However, they are orange. I was told that I would be able to dye them black. The material is 100% silk which I was also told is dyeable. Do you know of any place in New York where I could get my 5 bridesmaid dresses dyed black? Is this a crazy idea? Any direction you or your lovely readers could point me in would be much appreciated.
We're stumped, but then, we also sort of like the idea of orange Phillip Lim bridesmaid dresses, assuming they look good on your friends and don't disrupt the color scheme of the rest of the wedding. Commenters, thoughts? To dye or not to dye? And if you're pro-dying, where should she go? If we get a good enough answer, maybe it'll become next week's Racked Rx recommendation.
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