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Gant Rugger Joins Bleecker's New Urban Woodsman District

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Gant Rugger, the rowdy little brother to classic Swedish label Gant, opened a store full of plaid button-downs and old-fashioned furniture on Bleecker Street today. If this sounds familiar, it's probably because Freemans Sporting Club debuted a very similar shop a block and a half away exactly a week ago. (Thursday is clearly a good day for the lumberjacks of the West Village.)

But while Gant is not necessarily breaking new ground, it's definitely landed in the right place. The label's prices—"shirts retail for $125, knit polos for $75, sweaters for $125, pants for $125 to $175, shorts for $90 to $125, and jackets for $225 to $495" says WWD—make it a good fit for its neighbors. (It's certainly not more expensive than Freemans.) And although Gant carries Rugger at its uptown flagship, the line is so successful in America that it makes sense for it to have its own store.

If you go, look out for a dressing room that's meant to look like a factory foreman's office, with the words "Bernard Gant, managing director" etched on the door. Other old-timey, faintly proletariat details include vintage accents like irons and thread spools and photographs of people who could conceivably be your grandparents in their prime, assuming your grandparents had the sort of looks that might convince someone to buy Swedish menswear.
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Gant Rugger

353 Bleecker Street, New York, NY