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Furnish Your Apartment Soap Opera Style

Image via <a href="">Obit Mag</a>
Image via Obit Mag

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Like sands through the goes the way of the old school soap opera, especially production in New York City. But just because your certain favorite soaps may have ended, that doesn't mean the drama and nostalgia can't continue to be a part of your life. On Saturday, props from the set of a certain recently canceled, formerly on CBS, longest running drama in radio and TV history (like 72 years longest) will be auctioned off at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. So if you're interested in leather arm chairs in which to plot out nefarious schemes, elaborate bedroom furnishings to conduct some illicit affair or perhaps a prison set to act out a breakout escapade, this is your auction. A preview will start at 9am and the sale will kick off at 11am. Proctor & Gamble (which still surprisingly owns the program) will not give permission to use the name of the mystery soap in any of the auction promotion, but let's see if readers can guess which one it is. (Hint in the photo above.)
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Brooklyn Navy Yard

63 Flushing Ave., Brooklyn, NY