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Foley + Corinna's Sample Sale Has It in the Bag

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The Foley + Corinna sample sale officially opens tomorrow, but they're having a press preview now, and we're pretty sure they won't turn you away even if you can't prove you're a member of the media. (Things that support this hypothesis: The very young-looking girl in line behind us to pay was loudly asking the person next to her if she needed a fashion intern.) The sale takes place in the big empty Orchard Street space that used to house the International Playground pop-up, and it needs all that room. Expect racks and racks of the label's signature curvy dresses and tops, a decent-sized vintage section, and a healthy helping of the main draw: Big leather bags.

Maybe the Foley + Corinna people heard complaints that previous sales were too expensive, because this one is nicely priced. Bags from the main collection were $150, while clutches and summer bags were $90. Samples in bins in the middle of the room went for $75 a pop. Some of these were damaged and/or weird, but the vast majority seemed eminently carryable.

The best deal by far, though, was in the $40 section, where we immediately found about six different styles of dresses that would be perfect for a summer wedding, all in a range of sizes. This sounds miraculous, but there's a catch: The sale has no dressing rooms, and the big mirror in the back is pretty visible from the street. Wear leggings, and remind yourself that $40 is a pretty ridiculous deal. At $25, the vintage is even cheaper. Non-vintage, non-$40 options ranged from $55 for tank tops to $110 for coats—not offensive, but a little hard to concentrate on when there are so many bags in roughly that range sitting around just waiting to be snapped up.
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