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Shepard Fairey Knows Not Everyone Is a Fan of His Fashion Projects

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Image via <a href="">Vanishing New York</a>
Image via Vanishing New York

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This weekend, someone threw a stone through Shepard Fairey's new mural at E. Houston and Broadway. Someone else added a Target logo, maybe spoofing the mural's bull's-eye motif. Fairey thinks he knows what prompted these additions. In a conversation with the NYT's Arts Beat blog, he said:

Because I'm straddling the line between all these different worlds—the fine art world, the street art world, commercial design, fashion—I think I'm a target for a lot of narrow-minded people who just aren't comfortable with my multi-platform approach.
Which is pretty perceptive, although you could argue that it doesn't take Olympic-level self-awareness to understand that collaborating with Saks Fifth Avenue might irritate street art fans.

Fairey doesn't seem too broken up about it—he goes on to tell the Times that he likes the interactive element of having someone put a giant hole through his mural. But his new number-one defender Billy Leroy of Billy's Antiques isn't happy. "Some Shepard Fairy/HATER threw a giant rock into the Mural and put large hole into it...." he emailed us. "Art it is totally subjective whether you like it or not but to try and destroy it at night when no one is looking is is really sad I was just starting to enjoy it. Maybe the Bright Red Neon from Pulino's made them go nuts! and they started throwing rocks at the defenseless Mural."
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