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Modern Leather Goods Will Fix Your Bag Fast, and Possibly for Free

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Welcome to Racked Rx, a new feature highlighting the best places in the city to get your shoes repaired, your clothes cleaned, your hair cut, your blender fixed, and all your other material ailments cured. No item is too high maintenance; no appliance is too quirky. Have a place you want to recommend? Email us at

This city can be brutal to a good leather bag, so we're glad today's Racked Rx offers a solution. A reader writes in to recommend Modern Leather Goods on 32nd between Fifth and Sixth. His rave:

This is one of those places that feels like a secret when you find it, but then there are all these magazine testimonials on the wall. Like any good Koreatown business, you go down a hallway, and then head up thinking, "This doesn't seem right. I must be in the wrong place." I ended up there because the handle on my Swiss Army suitcase broke, and they're the authorized repair folks. They fixed it in less than half an hour, and for free. I also had them fix some busted zippers on a Tumi duffel bag. That was also fast, and around 15 bucks. And their sign is hilariously amateurish, but here seems to convey confidence, like, "Hey, we know we're good. We don't need a fancy sign."
Their Yelp reviews are wildly positive, and their own website promises expertise with brands like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton.
· Modern Leather Goods Repr Shop [Yelp]
· Modern Leather Goods [Official Site]

Modern Leather Goods

2 W. 32nd Street, New York, NY