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Lots of Frills, No Thrills from Zac Posen's Target Collection

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Yesterday morn, we ventured out into the wilds of Queens to Target for the release of the Zac Posen for Target collaboration. And while we at least expected a few of the lipstick tank tops and maybe some of the zebra-stripe dresses, we found only the blandest options.

Tuxedo pants filled a whole rack, as did the black tuxedo jackets. Several gold dresses hung limply, looking like they'd be more at home in the swimsuit coverup section, and only one pair of the denim shorts kept the pink pattern blouses company.

But if you're looking for the $200 red leather jackets or the black or red convertible dresses and you're a size 5 or smaller, you're in luck. Actually, the sizing available in Queens is only on the XS and S end of the scale; there'll be no stuffing muffin-tops in Zac's pants, apparently.

For a moment, we stood staring at the racks of the scarlet, floofy convertible dresses, wondering exactly how many would make it to the clearance rack, when a pair of girls passed and dissed the dresses to the max, saying: "oh, those could be cute...if they weren't ugly."
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8801 Queens Boulevard, Elmhurst NY