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Billy of Billy's Antiques Has Changed His Mind About Shepard Fairey

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A crowd watches the Shepard Fairey mural go up Tuesday night. <a href="">Jen Snow</a>, 4/20/10
A crowd watches the Shepard Fairey mural go up Tuesday night. Jen Snow, 4/20/10

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Street art star and Obey apparel impresario Shepard Fairey painted a mural on the wall on E. Houston and Bowery earlier this week, putting him smack dab in Billy's Antiques territory. Billy Leroy has been selling vintage furniture and props out of a tent on that corner since 1986, and he's seen a lot of wall art come and go. Initially he seemed ambivalent about Fairey, telling Villager that he was letting him store his painting supplies in his tent "even though he is practically corporate art." But after watching the mural go up, Billy's decided that he can't help but be a fan of the guy who created the "Hope" Obama poster. Here's the text of an email he sent us:

I really wanted to reserve judgment on the art and the artist until the mural was done and boy am I watching him. The Wall is sacred Bowery and E.Houston has become the "Cross Hairs of the World." Shepard is a gracious and accommodating guy he has been mobbed by people asking him for his autographs. The work is powerful and reminiscent of Communist propaganda posters of the last century and has a dark Illuminati/conspiracy feeling that I like.... not like the last Tutti Frutti Mural...watching him work he has a intensity and passion got to hand it to him ..Shepard and Tina Fey changed the outcome of a national election..Shepard with his Obama poster and Tina with her Sarah Palin Parody....Thanks ,Billy
First of all, we love that Billy emails us. We also love a good Tina Fey shout-out. But mostly we love a Bowery story with a happy ending.
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