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Orphaned Steven Alan Shirts Found on Fifth; Forever 21 Is Growing

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FLATIRON DISTRICT—The Choosy Beggar, bless his heart, has unearthed a trove of Steven Alan shirts on sale for $30 (down from $200) at a sample sale on Fifth Avenue between 28th and 29th. "They're highly-wearable, in good condition, come in sizes S-L, and are accompanied by another 150-odd equally-wearable spring shirts from Loden Dager, Claiborne by John Bartlett, and John Varvatos. As a lover of clothes—and Steven Alan's clothes in particular—it's actually quite a sad sight. Go give those shirts a good home. They deserve better." [TCB]

TIMES SQUARE—Let us direct your attention to the comments section of a four-month-old post about Forever 21, where a reader informs us that things are gearing up at the soon-to-open midtown store. Managers at the 34th Street and 14th Street locations are currently training an army of employees—approximately 400, says our commenter—and the space is set to open the second week of June. Since this is all coming from an anonymous stranger (maybe a weirdo who gets their kicks pretending to be a Forever 21 employee on the Internet!) we're waiting on confirmation from the brand's PR. [Racked Comments]

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