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Sadly, The Barneys Co-op In Brooklyn Will Not Be Covered in Bread

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At a party Monday night, the Cut asked Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler about the Barneys Co-op moving to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, and the quips began to fly.

Adler on a recent weekend jaunt to the neighborhood: "We were in the BK, in Crooklyn."

Doonan: "Yeah, we're totally down with the 'hood."

Adler: "We felt so self-conscious about not having facial hair."

Doonan: "I wondered why Jonny stuffed me into a little baby stroller before we went out. He said, 'I have to pretend to be a single-mother lesbian over here.'"

They'll be here all night, folks! Doonan also said that he'd like to do something "completely bananas" with the façade of the Barneys Co-op space, citing the time Salvador Dali covered his entire Barcelona museum in Spanish bread. Obviously, nothing would make us happier, but it sounds like an all-carb front isn't going to happen. As Adler told the Cut, "It'll probably just be ironic-facial-hair-and-baby-stroller themed."
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Barneys Co-op

194 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY