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Chanel Recommends Wearing Temporary Tattoos Near Your Vajayjay

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Straw bags and clogs from Chanel for their Spring/Summer 2010 were one surprise, but the real clincher was a small collection of temporary Chanel tattoos, which decorated the models on the runway and now adorn Chanel store mannequins.

We recently walked by some Chanel store windows in Chicago...and did a doubletake at their curious placement of the things. "What is that black stuff running down the inside of the mannequins thigh?" We got closer, and realized that the cherry blossom branches, bird, and Chanel chain tattoos were applied to the inner thighs of the mannequins, like they had tried to steal accessories by hiding them up their hoo-has, only to have them drip out.

Is this Karl's vision? To have the bird fly out of someone's crotch or to look like you're growing a Chanel plant up in there, underneath a chic tweed skirt?
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