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Early Signs of Life Appear Inside Chelsea Trader Joe's

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An intrepid Racked informant sent us this photo of the Trader Joe's that's taking over the former Barnes & Noble on Sixth Avenue and 21st. "There's paper covering the windows," she writes. "This photo is taken through a hole in the paper. Lots of construction materials. There's shelving in the other area, but I couldn't get a good pic." Curiously, Trader Joe's isn't going to occupy the whole block the way B&N did. Instead, they're taking up two-thirds of the space, leaving a second retail property on 22nd Street for lease. We're very curious about what will take over the space, but our tipster seems happy enough with what's coming in the immediate future. "Between TJ, Eataly and the market in the old Limelight," she writes, "Flatiron/Chelsea is becoming the new gourmet paradise!"
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Trader Joe's

Sixth Avenue and 21st Street, New York, NY