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The Calm Before the iPad, at Apple Fifth Avenue

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The title is actually misleading, because what we witnessed yesterday evening at the Apple Fifth Avenue store was the opposite of calm. With iPad hype in the air and the spring weather kicking in, the midtown suits and the tourists are streaming down into the glass cube like it's a Christmas Eve rush.

Still, compared to what we expect on Saturday morning for the iPad WiFi's actual release, this scene is manageable. Not to mention that the bulk of the tourists usually stay no longer than it takes them to ride the glass elevator up and down and snap a few photos.

At street level on the sidewalk, the crowd control stanchions had already arrived, as had a few broadcasting vans, probably getting in their stock shots of the Apple store and crowds before crunch time. Their crunch time is also our crunch time, so be sure to stay tuned here to Racked NY through the weekend as we report on the insanity that's sure to come at all area Apple stores.
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Apple Fifth Avenue

767 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY