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Everything and Anything On Sale at Samples for (eco)mpassion

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Before Great Jones Street store Samples for (eco)mpassion shuts down forever, it needs to clean out the space with a blowout sale. An email blast to regular shoppers promised that everything would be on sale, and when we stopped by today, everything was, including shelving and furniture. Out front, we found mirrors for $40, a gray suede sectional sofa for $400, and some old records for $1 each.

Inside the store were some skimpy racks sparsely filled with tunics, cotton shorts, jeans and pre-worn-looking flip-flops. We didn't see a single thing priced above $30. There was a large display of Tom's shoes, probably the most abundant product in the shop. The scene and the clothes were depressing and definitely screamed "garage sale." But if that's your forte, it's worth stopping by for some cheap clothing or furniture before tomorrow, April 3rd, when the sale, and the store's two-year-run, end forever.—Lauren Frankfort
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Samples for (eco)mpassion

2 Great Jones Street, New York, NY