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Vitaminwater's Strangely-Placed Williamsburg Billboards Bewilder

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Back in December we told you Havemeyer Street on Williamsburg's Southside was getting a new wine shop. Nini's Wine Cellar is up and running but the rehabbed building's two other shopfronts are still vacant—kind of. It looks like Vitaminwater has leased the windows of one of the spaces and installed a flat panel TV displaying bottles of the pink-tinted beverage surrounded by a series of huge posters emblazoned with So New York expressions like "attaboywater," "statuswater," and "wakeywakeywater." First, gross. Second, why mid-block on Havemeyer (and S. 1st Street), which frankly, is hardly a thoroughfare? What are they trying to do—increase sales at the C-Town across the street? Whose idea was this? Shouldn't this be on Bedford, or N. 6th? Or in Manhattan?
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132 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn, NY