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Girls Just Want to Have Fun at Zac Posen's Target Pop-Up

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While girls weren't the only people there, last night's launch party for Zac Posen's Target pop-up at the Hotel New Yorker was all about the ladies. The first thing we saw when we walked in, though, were two famous men: Elle's Joe Zee and Mr. Posen himself. Later, we also spotted Olivia Palermo whispering into Joe Zee's ear and noticed Mena Suvari wandering around.

The environment was a cross between a scene from Gossip Girl, a sweet sixteen, and a high school prom—but in a good way. There were chandeliers, there were pink and silver balloons, and there were crystal chains covering whatever wasn't covered in balloons. A screen in the front displayed Zac Posen's Target ad, in which models in his dresses laugh and run through yet more balloons. The signature drink for the evening was a strawberry martini (champagne was served too, of course). The majority of the crowd seemed young, and pretty much everyone was involved in wild conversation.

Just like the party itself, the clothes had a girlish, youthful flavor. Both a bib top blouse and an adorable sun dress were pink with red polka dots. An equally-cheery rain coat came in yellow with black piping, and a leather jacket with suede arms was bright red. It was also, at $199.99, the most expensive piece—most items fell around the $49.99 mark. Some of the pieces, tie-dyed in hot pink, had a punkish flair, and a few items had flat laces decorated with buttons that were used as studs.

The bathing suits were great too, especially the one-pieces. They were very retro and looked as though they could flatter any body. We loved one in red and another in a gold and black metallic. Also cute: Black leotards with a tuxedo print on the chest. Some caterers were wearing them, along with pillbox hats, as they carried a tray of masquerade masks and light-up rings around (so fun).

But the more expensive dresses stole the show. One adorable floral dress ($74.99) with a gold metallic sheen has an inverted bow on the waist. There was also a party dress ($79.99) that looked straight from a prom or sweet sixteen, but when we took a closer look it was actual convertible, allowing the waist, the skirt and the top to detach and creating two different types of dresses and a skirt. This, of course, must have been the convertible prom dress we heard about back in December—and boy was it worth the wait.—Lauren Frankfort
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Hotel New Yorker

481 8th Avenue, New York, NY