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Right Now, Target's Zac Posen Pop-Up Is a Ghost Town

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We thought we'd revisit Target's 24-hour Zac Posen pop-up this morning after really enjoying last night's launch party. And with eleven hours of shopping time left before this latest designer collaboration leaves New York and heads to your suburban Target store, we can safely say: Don't bother. What was great is gone; what's left isn't so great.

The space itself is delightful. With beaded garlands, piles of flowers, and about a million balloons and chandeliers, it's pretty much a fairy tale Sweet Sixteen with a punk-lite soundtrack. And there is a lot of clothing left—just not the good stuff. We saw many, many froofy party dresses that feel like they should cost $25 but cost $80. A red leather motorcycle jacket that would almost be cute if it wasn't $200. A bunch of overly embellished white blouses and miniskirts with random pleats and grommets that serve literally no purpose. A shiny black blazer that you'd be better off buying at Banana Republic because their version isn't made of asbestos. Oh, and remember when Yves Saint Laurent and Moschino did funky, irreverent safety pin prints? Yeah, Zac does too—but his tardy to the party version, on bathing suits, is pretty terrible.

If any of this is up your alley there are what seems like a thousand pieces of each left in almost as many sizes. And you'll have your pick, because the place is empty. Employees were sitting around chatting in the back (far outnumbering shoppers), and NYPD crowd control was basically kicking pebbles around the sidewalk. There are free Ring Pops, though.
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