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A West Side Itinerary for Sample Sales, Hip Jewelry and Great Grits

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Welcome to Drunk Shopping! Our new feature celebrates the time-honored tradition of getting totally wasted while the sun's still shining before buying a bunch of debatably useful stuff that the sober you would be too timid or too restrained to take home. Each Friday we'll cobble together a new itinerary starting you off with a boozy Saturday or Sunday brunch before meandering through a few neighboring retailers and happy hours notable for seasonal specials, limited time availability, fantastic deals, recent openings, or new shipments.

Well, well, well—it's Friday afternoon. And it's cloudy, but at least it's not cold. Put on your sunglasses anyway, we're going Drunk Shopping. We'll start in the West Village for brunch before meandering through lower Chelsea and the Meatpacking District for a celebration of that so New York, so Drunk Shopping, High/Low lifestyle. Begin your day at Bonelick Park. The southern-fried barbecue spot offers passable entrees, really amazing side dishes, free strawberry-filled corn muffins, and a bottomless array of brunch cocktails ranging from standard mimosas and out-of-a-bottle Bloody Maries to bellinis and even margaritas. Dishes start around $11: The omelets are a good bet, as is the fried chicken; and you will not believe the cheddar grits and au gratin potatoes. Drinks aren't free after an hour so you might as well start trucking.

From brunch you're going to head south on Seventh. John Bartlett and the North Shore Animal League are hosting a pet adoption event at his shop. Say hi to Bartlett and his three four-legged (well, one only has three) friends. Pet the kitties, donate some money, check out his spring/summer collections; just maybe don't adopt a dog if you're drunk. But, hey, we can't stop you. From there back track. We're heading north to the Metropolitan Pavilion for the Rock & Republic sample sale. The company just filed Chapter 11 so this might be one of your last chances to pick up some overly embellished denim to wear to Seaside. Either way, it's worth a laugh.

Laughing is tiring, time for a drink. Head west to Eighth and hit Flight 151. A hole-in-the-wall, airplane-themed dive in the middle of gay Chelsea? Yes please! Have a whole bunch of very cheap beers and visit the bathroom which seriously features a stewardess-style recording about happy landings or some such nonsense. Then it's off to Chelsea Market. First, pop into Anthropologie's newest shop, which features a variety of locally designed and produced Anthropologie prettiness. You can have that sage green armoire delivered, because you haven't hit up the reportedly mediocre but very cheap so why not French Connection sample sale.

That's probably enough of the Low, right? Stumble a couple of blocks south: Kimberly Taylor is offering 40% off her West Coast-casual spring womenswear; and while you're on the block, why not check out summer wares from Moschino, Alexander McQueen and Matthew Williamson (or at least gaze tearfully through their windows). Oh, cheer up: You don't want to miss The Crangi Family Project. The new-ish live/work/sell boutique is home to Philip Crangi's so-hip-it-hurts jewelry collections plus all sorts of inspirational antiques and oddities—many of which you can buy!

Alright, American Express just called wondering if your card had been stolen—all that jewelry adds up. Better get away from retail and renew your buzz. If it's nice out why not try the Standard Hotel's outdoor Biergarten (hot pretzels!) Otherwise, check out Brass Monkey for the Meatpacking District's take on an English pub. Cheers, you live here!

Enjoy! And please do share your Drunk Shopping tips, tales, and war stories in the comments!

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