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Home Sweet Anthropologie in the Chelsea Market

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We could probably live in the Anthropologie that just opened in the Chelsea Market, which makes sense because it focuses on housewares. Entering the store from the street, you're immediately struck by a dress display with blue paper waves whirling down from the bottom hem. That sets the tone for the serene but campy ocean/sailing theme throughout the store. On the right are the dining sets featuring an amazing column of mugs, custom hand-painted bowls from Portugal, and some quaint cabinet door knobs. You'll also see hammocks, fishbowl light fixtures, custom-made coral bottles, a fake grass Chrysler building, hand-painted parrots by the Home Team, and a British flag chaise—just to name a few of the details that define this location's character. Also featured on the stairwell to the downstairs is a sailboat bed. The sail reads: "Destination unknown."

What makes this Anthropologie store so special are its exclusives. Beside the Portuguese bowls and the one-of-a-kind coral bottles, there are hand-painted chairs by designer S.A. Longshore, wallpaper, and artisan-designed candles. The store partnered with local artist Carol Horn on decorated blue and white jeans. There are also one-of-a-kind vintage dresses from Geminola, by British designer Lorraine Kirke, and from the Lower East Side's Some Odd Rubies, as well as Lola Rafia headbands, hand-stitched wraps, and Circa Sixty Three bubble gum rings.

Our favorite corner in the store was the accessories shop, which is much larger than the average Anthropologie jewelry section. There were one-of-a-kind handbags, more necklaces than the eye could behold, shelves of sunglasses, beautifully beaded headbands, and more. Even if you have an Anthropologie by your apartment, the Chelsea Market store is worth the trek. Besides, what could go better with a Fat Witch cupcake than a hand-painted bowl or a dainty throw pillow?—Lauren Frankfort
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75 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY